The Snowplow Writers Program

Share your data and analytics stories - we’ll publish and promote your writing

How it works

Many of our customers love to share their Snowplow use cases and stories and enjoy getting extra exposure by publishing in our blog as well as through their own channels.

  • What you do

    What you do

    • Tell your story! Share your Snowplow use cases and broader data infrastructure and analytics story. Write it up and send it over! We’ll do the rest - in consultation with you.
  • What we do

    What we do

    • We’ll help you review and refine your story, as much as needed, and get it ready for publication on the Snowplow blog (and other channels where applicable).

    • We’ll finalize the post with you to make sure we’re both happy.

    • We’ll promote the post through our various marketing channels.

  • Guidelines


    • Make sure it’s okay inside your own organization to share your stories before we publish.

    • Ideally a blog post should be no longer than 2,000 words – if you have more to say, that’s great, write two posts!

    • Aim for informative content that’s helpful to others.

    • Build a coherent structure into your writing that makes sense and is easy to follow. Please avoid curse words or slang.

    • Make your writing accessible – avoid the overuse of jargon or acronyms.

    • It’s not obligatory to mention Snowplow, but it’s great if you do.

    • Share real-life examples! It’s always great to hear about your experience.

  • Incentives


    • Reach a wider audience, already interested in analytics, with your ideas.

    • We’ll promote your writing through our blog and social media channels and help you get read.

    • Build your thought leadership profile.

    • We will cross-link to your blog or other properties that provide a good fit for Snowplow cross-promotion.

    • We’ll try to line you up for speaking opportunities.

    • We’ll shower you with exclusive Snowplow swag/goodies.

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