What is behavioral data and why is it such a valuable asset?

Behavioral data captures how people – typically your customers and prospects – interact with your products and services in granular detail.

Web and mobile are typical behavioral data sources, but there are many other examples such as email, support desks, chatbots, wearables and SmartTVs.

The most successful companies in the world use behavioral data to drive competitive advantage

Your behavioral data asset is your competitive advantage

Organizations used to compete on product, but today the key differentiator is who best understands their customers.

Those who captialize on the opportunities that great behavioral data presents have an unfair advantage. They deeply understand how their customers interact across their products and services and can make impactful improvements and better decisions.

Raw data with screen views, mobile sessions and users tables

Behavioral data is the most valuable data asset you have

Behavioral data is unique. It describes, in granular detail, the relationship and interactions your customers have with your brand touchpoints. No other data set can provide the insights and the deep understanding that behavioral data can.

If you are not empowering your organization with great behavioral data you are missing out on the opportunity to gain a competitive edge.

Behavioral data powers an enormous number of use cases

A single high-quality data asset continuously delivers value


Assign credit to each marketing touchpoint that influences high value user behavior; bespoke to your product and user journeys.


Understand what drive user engagement and personalize the experience in real time to drive acquisition and retention.

Product Analytics

Develop a strong understanding of user behavior to inform product strategy and optimise the product experience.

Churn Reductions

Identify trends in user interaction to isolate behaviors predictive of retention and churn for better forecasting and interventions.

Data products

Put great behavioral data at the heart of your products to deliver compelling and unique value propositions to your customers.

and many more…

Snowplow delivers a data-set that can power all your data use cases from traditional web analytics to building data-driven products.

Snowplow delivers the highest quality behavioral data

This quality has many characteristics…

  • Richness – more data points per event than any other solution in the market.
  • Structure – delivered in a structure you define up-front.
  • Accuracy – validated and quality assured end-to-end.
  • Completeness – reliable collection using first-party server-side cookies.
  • Flexibility – a single raw data set that can power endless use cases.
A single log-level event table with multiple sources

Give your organization a competitive advantage with high-quality behavioral data

Learn about the challenges that organizations face when trying to realise value from behavioral data

Snowplow BDP helps you drive more value from your behavioral data