Empower your teams
with astonishingly detailed web data

The most reliable way to collect, process and model high-quality behavioral data across all of your websites, web-apps and mobile web.

  • Assurance Business

    Improve decision-making with data tailored to your business

    Don’t settle for pre-defined logic that doesn’t reflect your use cases. Customize your data structure and collection so your teams get the data they need to make more informed decisions and build better products.

  • Build exceptional real-time data products

    From recommendation engines to dynamic personalization, give your teams the real-time data they need to build and power business-critical data products.

    Feel Empowered
  • Stay in Control

    Gain a richer understanding of your customers

    Get next-level insights into your customers with Snowplow’s granular data. Each data point arrives with rich contextual data, plus you can expand your events with additional data points from first and third-party sources.

Autotrader “Snowplow has really helped accelerate our web analytics; now we can quickly answer questions that would have required a tremendous amount of engineering effort with our previous solution.”

Darren Hacken

Head of Data Engineering

The Economist
Secret Escapes
  • What we do

    Empower your data analysts with ready-to-use data

    Gather insights without spending valuable time preparing data for analysis, and power your web analytics using your preferred business intelligence tool.

  • Guidelines

    Ensure accuracy and completeness in a world of ad blockers and ITP

    Continue tracking your customers and their conversion paths without losing more than 20% of your insights by collecting data as a first party.

  • Incentives

    Simplify compliance with data regulations

    Take control of your web data at every stage, with tools to help you protect the privacy rights of your users, ensuring their data is handled correctly.

  • Incentives

    Start collecting behavioral data in minutes

    From page views to link clicks and form activity, automatically collect a granular dataset that reflects your customers’ actions from day one.

Snowplow powers your web-based behavioral data

Snowplow’s end-to-end data pipeline lets you collect, process and model your behavioral web data.

Snowplow for Web

Works in the web environments you do

Snowplow provides high-performance, easy-to-use SDKs for all the major web environments. Plus, you can embed Snowplow’s SDKs server-side so you don’t have to pass sensitive data into your front-end.

Client side

  • JavaScript

  • Pixel

  • AMP


Server side

  • PHP

  • Rails

  • Java


  • Django