Gain the most complete insight into your
customers - across all your platforms

Build a 360° view of every customer across web, mobile, email and third party channels

  • Single customer view

    Empowering you to create a single customer view

    Gain a centralized view of how your customers interact with your product across every platform, unified by identity-rich data that easily stitches together.

    Discover how to build yours with Snowplow.
  • Deliver the most accurate insights into your customers

    High-quality data from all your sources arrives in your data warehouse as a single unified activity stream so your teams can gain a complete understanding of your users, faster.

    Accurate Insights
  • Informed marketing decisions

    Make more informed marketing decisions

    Understand how each of your marketing channels impacts the customer journey so your marketing team can optimize their strategy with precise attribution.

Animoto “With Snowplow, we are empowered to make more informed, data-driven decisions that allow us to iterate much faster while gaining a multi-dimensional view of the user experience now and in the future.”

Alex Beskin

Head of Analytics

Asana Rebel
  • Assurance Business

    Free your teams from “black box” algorithms

    Give your teams the flexibility to define their own customer identity and data modeling logic so it accurately reflects your business’s unique customer view.

  • Seamlessly engage with your users at the right time

    Gain granular insight into your users’ preferences so you can enhance their experience in real-time, while increasing conversions across every touchpoint.

    Feel Empowered
  • Stay in Control

    Build on top of best-of-breed web and mobile analytics

    Build your unified customer view on top of best-in-class web, mobile and email analytics from Snowplow:

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