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Snowplow is designed to deliver precise, granular, event-level data in real-time so you can understand your customers and deliver a personalized experience at every touchpoint.

Understand the customer journey at every touchpoint.

Join your raw, granular event-level data from all your platforms and channels to gain a single customer view and optimize the user experience and increase conversion rates. Your web, mobile, server-side and email data loads into your data warehouse in a clean, deduplicated and expected format so you can easily join it with booking and CRM data to gain faster insights into how your users behave at each stage of their journey.

Optimize cross-channel marketing spend with precise attribution modeling.

Define your own attribution logic to measure conversions and optimize ad spend using your rich, granular Snowplow data that is easily joined with other data sets. For example, you can join your booking and cancellation data to measure true cost per acquisition and ROAS. What’s more, track UTM parameter data from all your campaigns for the most accurate insights into your marketing performance.

Differentiate with real-time marketing personalization and retargeting.

Use your high-quality, real-time Snowplow data and combine it with historical data to power your personalization, recommendation engines or dynamic pricing models to drive more engagement and conversions. With Snowplow, all the data loaded into your data warehouse is first written to a real-time stream, which you can access to build real-time applications triggered by events from your Snowplow data.

Create a brilliant customer experience with dynamic A/B testing.

With Snowplow you can create, edit, test and publish schemas through a convenient UI, so keeping your data collection evolving with your business is easier than ever. Track unlimited events and entities and access your entire event stream validated and enriched in real-time to build custom A/B testing and experimentation tools, or simply use our Optimizely integration to continuously improve the customer experience on your website and app.

Enhance and simplify data compliance.

Snowplow puts you in control of your data with complete transparency into your pipeline, end-to-end. Snowplow makes it easier to comply with data regulations and protect the privacy rights of your users. What’s more, your Snowplow pipeline is fully auditable, which means you have direct access to your data at every stage to ensure the correct handling of your customer data.

Leading travel tech companies choose Snowplow

“Once we figured out how easy it is to add trackers, we quickly started adding all kinds of events to understand how users browse and search on our site. We even moved all our infrastructure tracking and server-side events to Snowplow.”

Steven O
Head of Analytics, Tripaneer


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