Snowplow Analytics raises $10 million in Series A2 funding

Investment will fuel Snowplow’s transformation of behavioral data management and delivery

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The leading open source data delivery platform

Every company should be able to collect and own their own data and data infrastructure. That’s why Snowplow’s technology is 100% open source.

The leading open source data delivery platform

Open source first

Live on over 600,000 websites and countless mobile apps, Snowplow is the most
widely adopted platform for collecting, processing and delivering behavioral data.

The components you need to succeed

Why start from scratch when you can leverage tried and tested technology
with all the benefits of BYO infrastructure?

The components you need to succeed

Snowplow Open Source 

A collection of data processing components that you can set up as a core data pipeline to collect behavioral data at scale across different applications, channels and touchpoints. Data teams can leverage the tech to make data available in a real-time stream, and in a data warehouse.

Snowplow is the data pipeline your
data engineers would build themselves

Free yourself from the limitations of packaged tools or inflexible legacy
infrastructure with Snowplow’s best-in-class data delivery platform.

Feature Benefit Snowplow
Open Source
The Snowplow
Snowplow’s best-in-class data processing
technology running in your cloud account.
Yes Yes
Complete ownership
& zero vendor lock-in
Full ownership of your data, data models
and pipeline components, even if you
decide to switch solutions.
Yes Yes
Full transparency Every stage of your pipeline is auditable
with complete access to the underlying
source code.
Yes Yes
Monitoring, scaling
& upgrading
Snowplow takes care of everything from
installation and upgrades to monitoring and
autoscaling so your team can focus on
business goals and leave the maintenance of
your pipeline to the Snowplow experts.
Yes No
Implementation &
ongoing technical
Tailored onboarding and training, co-design
of your tracking strategy and SQL data
model, and continued access to 24/7
engineering support.
Yes No
Data quality UI and API Automatic alerting on the emergence of
new data quality issues. Structured
workflow to diagnose and resolve
data quality issues.
Yes No
Pipeline configuration
and monitoring UI
Easy user interface to setup and monitor
your data pipeline, and safely apply
configuration changes once running.
Yes No
Data structures UI and
Structured workflow to define, govern
and evolve your data structures.
Yes No
Uptime & latency SLAs Guaranteed collector uptime and data
delivery latency so your engineers don’t
need to take on the stressful task of
ensuring uptime and low-latency.
Yes No

Take control of your data and build a data asset for the whole company.