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A behavioral data management platform designed to evolve with your business

Snowplow Insights is the best way to capture and process high-quality behavioral data from all your platforms and products and deliver that data to your cloud destination of choice.

A behavioral data management platform designed to evolve with your business

A behavioral data management platform that adapts to your business

As your business evolves and your use cases change, so will your data strategy. Snowplow gives you flexibility to continuously change and improve.

Our expertise, your infrastructure

Our expertise, your infrastructure

Snowplow runs native in your own AWS or GCP account so data never leaves your environment. We manage everything from installation to maintenance, giving you greater control and improved compliance.

Built in data validation

Built-in validation for data you can trust

At Snowplow we care deeply about data quality. Every collected data point is validated against your configured schemas, and any bad data is surfaced to you so you can proactively monitor and manage data quality.

Event definitions reflecting your business

Event definitions that reflect your business

Don’t settle for a vendor’s rigid view of your industry. Snowplow’s flexible schema’ing technology allows you to design data structures that reflect your business and use cases and you can easily evolve them as your business grows.

Your data, your rules

Cut across silos and packaged tools with a raw and unopinionated data set
that you collect once and use many times over for all your data use cases.

With Snowplow you have access to your raw, unopinionated event data with full control over how you structure and model that data. Your data is loaded into tidy tables in your data warehouse and real-time event stream in an easy-to-consume format. This makes it easy for you to work directly with the data, consume it in your favorite BI tool or build real-time applications on top of the data.

Stop losing time to poor quality data and start delivering more value to your business

The ideal solution for data teams who want to manage the collection, processing and warehousing of data across all their platforms and products

The Snowplow behavioral data management platform is architected from the ground up to give you
high-quality data that is accurate, complete and meaningful.

Snowplow sources

Trackers and webhooks to collect behavioral data from web, mobile, desktop, server, IoT and third-party applications.

A lossless pipeline where no events are silently “dropped”. Fully auditable pipeline to audit data quality at each stage.

Failed events UI

Automatic alerting on the emergence of new data quality issues. Structured workflow to diagnose and resolve data quality issues.

Manage data structures

Structured workflow to define, govern, and evolve your data structures (events and entities).

Data enrichment

Snowplow supports a range of configurable enrichments like marketing campaign attribution, GeoIP lookup and referrer parsing—as well as fully custom enrichments.

Real-time event stream

We expose a real-time stream of fully enriched event data for you to build real-time applications or dashboards on top of your Snowplow data.

Snowplow destinations

Snowplow offers a range of out-of-the-box destinations so you can leverage your favorite tools and cloud technologies.

We offer a range of QA tooling to ensure data quality and support automated testing for your tracking.

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“The gist is that once you have all the relevant data for each event, which is possible with Snowplow, you can do whatever you want with it. Snowplow’s importance will only continue to grow as we customize our pipeline.”

Rahul Jain, Principal Engineering Manager at Omio

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“With Snowplow, we are empowered to make more informed, data-driven decisions that allow us to iterate much faster while gaining a multi-dimensional view of the user experience now and in the future.”

Alex Beskin, Head of Analytics at Animoto

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La Presse

“Snowplow delivered a game changer: We can offer business proactivity in Growth Marketing and Sales and deliver zero-latency use cases.”

Hervé Mensah, Director Data Science & Integration at La Presse

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“Before Snowplow we weren’t able to attribute revenue accurately and fully understand which of our marketing channels were generating what bookings. Access to our raw events has changed the game.”

Steven Oliemans, Head of Analytics at Tripaneer

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“Without Snowplow data, a data-driven approach to systematically improving retention would not be possible.”

Dejan Petelin, Head of Data at Gousto

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Omio Animoto La Presse Tripaneer Gousto

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