Should your business invest in Snowplow or build your own data pipeline?

You can get the control and flexibility of a DIY approach without the hassle.

Snowplow and DIY

Behavioral data drives your competitive advantage

You are right to want to own your data and data infrastructure, yet businesses often underestimate the resources and ongoing maintenance required to set up and manage their own data pipeline.

Competitive advantage

Snowplow Insights gives you all the benefits of a build-it-yourself pipeline without any of the heavy lifting. A strategic data asset fully managed for you in your AWS or GCP cloud environment giving you more time and resources to drive value from your data.

What to consider when deciding between building your own data pipeline and Snowplow Insights

Setting up a reliable data pipeline from scratch is a complex and time-intensive process. Snowplow Insights ensures you have the behavioral data management platform you need to power any data project, generate valuable insights and drive a competitive advantage with your data – without sapping your most important resources.

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