Snowplow BDP: the behavioral data platform that drives more value, faster

Generate, govern and model behavioral event data securely and at scale to power your innovative use cases.

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Behavioral data at scale

A bespoke and fully managed Snowplow platform deployed securely in your cloud

Generate behavioral data

Generate a high-quality behavioral data set as a source of truth for your organization, unified across all platforms and channels.

Govern behavioral data

With governance tooling built in at every stage of the solution you can control the quality and compliance of your data.

Model behavioral data

Out-of-the-box, customisable incremental web and mobile models that shorten time to value, all managed securely in the Snowplow BDP Console.

Build a high-quality data asset

Defined and governed at source

Collaborate with stakeholders to define what events to track, how they will be structured and how to model the data. Govern changes over time with robust change management.

Generate data across all platforms and channels

Generate data from web, mobile, server-side tracking and almost any channel you wish using our array of trackers and webhooks.

Quality assured at every stage

Data quality is designed into the platform at every stage. Define events up-front, QA using CI/CD and sandbox environments, and monitor quality during processing.

A single log-level event table with multiple sources
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One raw data set, endless possibilities

Power present and future use cases

With Snowplow BDP, collect a unified, high-quality raw data set that can be deployed and modeled in multiple ways to serve endless use-cases.

Data delivered where it is needed

Data is delivered at low-latency to real-time streams, to your data warehouse and to your data lake.

Execute faster

Your data lands in a highly-expected structure making it easy for consumers to process. Less time preparing data and more time executing.

Remove complexity and increase visibility

Collaborative workflows to evolve your tracking

Evolve the structure of your data, how it is enriched and how it is modeled with confidence using the structured workflows provided in Snowplow console and our APIs.

Tooling to monitor your data flows

Monitor your pipeline infrastructure, data quality and data modeling. Set up alerts about potential issues so you can address them early on.

Configure your pipeline settings

View and manage exactly how your pipeline is set up for tracking including first-party tracking domains, tracking paths and cookie settings.

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Supporting you on your data journey

So you can spend more time focused on delivering value

Getting you started

Our Solutions Architects work with you to design a tracking strategy and support you on your way to executing your first use case with Snowplow.

Helping you grow

Your dedicated Customer Success specialist team is here to advise you on how to get more value out of Snowplow and evolve your data strategy and use cases.

Giving you peace-of-mind

With full SLA coverage, our 24/7 support engineers will focus on keeping your infrastructure in working order so you can focus on creating more value with your data.

Good behavioral data management is key to scaling your data capability and delivering ongoing ROI

“Bad data management, and therefore poor data quality, causes a 20% reduction in overall labour productivity”

– Gartner

Good behavioral data management continues to deliver lower cost and higher ROI over time. Poor behavioral data management reduces costs and increases ROI over time.


Avoid costly and time-consuming implementations by never having to replace your data platform again. Snowplow is scalable and will evolve with your business.


Our unique ‘in your cloud’ deployment model means you have full ownership of your data asset and how it is modeled. Own your data with no vendor lock-in.


Extensive tooling to manage the quality of your data, compliance and governance by design, and full observability mean you can have full assurance in your data.

Our customers achieve more with their data


“Snowplow has blown Nordstrom’s minds in speed and range of data, offering complete extensibility of batch and real-time feeds and schemas in hours and seconds, respectively. With a small but dedicated team of engineers, we were able to replace our bulky and expensive third-party solution with one custom tailored to our needs and satisfaction. There’s simply no going back.”

Sean Halliburton, Senior Engineering Manager at Nordstrom

“Snowplow enables several things that are important for Omio and for data quality: We want to be able to control and own all of our data. Snowplow is open source, which means that we can have confidence in it; we can look at the code and figure out what’s going on or change things.”

Rahul Jain, Principal Engineering Manager at Omio

“Snowplow provides all of our event data in a data model we own end-to-end, and can easily shape to fit our organisational needs. Snowplow has really helped accelerate our analytics; now we can quickly answer questions that would have required a tremendous amount of engineering effort with our previous solution.”

Darren Haken, Head of Data Engineering at AutoTrader

“Thanks to the unlimited, real-time data points Snowplow lets us gather, we can calculate individual user footprints, and will soon offer users a more personalized content space when they come to La Presse sites.”

Hervé Mensah, Director, Data Science & Integration at La Presse

“Full ownership and flexibility of your data pipeline. Decide what you want to track when and where, across platforms and devices in a scalable and unified manner. Out of the box it works but when optimizing it to your needs, you will see the true value. Enrich tracking with almost no limitations.”

Stephen Beuker, Manager Data and Analytics at BVA Auctions


Give your organization a competitive advantage with high-quality behavioral data

Snowplow empowers you to deliver value with behavioral data

Scale data collection

Governance, quality management and collaboration tooling enables your data collection practice to scale and evolve with your organization.

Deliver high-quality data

Snowplow open-core technology generates the highest-quality behavioral data set and delivers it to your streams, lake and warehouse ready to power multiple complex use cases.

Productionize your use cases

Take data-driven use cases to production with confidence. Our unique deployment model delivers compliance and security peace-of-mind, and is underpinned with SLAs for resilience at scale.

Snowplow BDP solves behavioral data management challenges

Workflow tooling

Tooling to collaborate around and democratize your data.

Robust data generation

An auto-scaling, highly robust data pipeline, fully installed and managed.

Ownership and assurance

Remove the stresses of third-party data processing.

Tooling to collaborate around and democratize your data

Structured, collaborative workflows

Define, evolve and socialize behavioral data definitions

  • Collaborate on what events you collect and how they are structured.
  • Change management to evolve tracking and modeling with your organization.

Build assurance in the quality of the data delivered

  • Sandbox, staging and full integration tooling for quality assurance.
  • Data quality monitoring and alerting.

Monitor the delivery of your data to consumers

  • Define and configure data models.
  • Monitor data model runs in real-time.

An auto-scaling, highly robust data collection pipeline

The open core Behavioral Data Engine

Highly-assured data delivery

  • Data streamed at low-latency in-stream, to your warehouse and your data lake.
  • An observable data collection pipeline for assurance.

High-quality tracking across channels

  • Track across web, mobile, email, and other channels in a common format.
  • Trackers up-to-date with the latest regulations and technologies.
  • Unique first party server set cookies not vulnerable to ITP to ensure visibility over users for 2 years.

Rich, well-structured granular event data

  • Rich and well-structured data for your consumers.
  • Enrich each event with additional dimensions.
  • Large raw dataset modelled incrementally for ease of use.

Remove the stresses of third-party data processing

Ownership and assurance

Own your data asset and the infrastructure

  • Snowplow technology is deployed into your cloud environment and managed remotely.
  • No third-party data processing – you own and control your raw data and how it is modeled.

Control and govern personal data

  • Control exactly what personally identifiable information (PII) data you collect.
  • Where required, remove or mask the PII as part of the data processing.

Comply to privacy laws and regulations

  • Capture metadata with each event to govern the usage of that data.
  • Track behaviour with complete user anonymity.

Unlock more value from your behavioral data