Work with us to differentiate with data.

Collaborate with our Data Analysts, Scientists and Engineers
to get more value from your data and our technology.

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Drive insight and intelligence

Data Analytics Services

A range of services to empower your team so they can drive more insight and intelligence with data.

Use data to build intelligence

Work with our team to deliver dashboards, reports, data models and predictive models, so you can drive more insight from it.

Workshops and training sessions to upskill your team in using digital event data and Snowplow technology to answer any question.
Solve specific business problems with data
Work with our team to use data to answer specific business questions.
Report and dashboard design and delivery
Design, build and roll out reporting solutions on top of your data.
Predictive model design and delivery
Have our team build predictive models including attribution, customer lifetime value and churn, on top of your data.
Schema development and tracker implementation
Design and delivery of tracking guides to ensure you collect the data your business needs.
Data model design and delivery
Building data models is a key step in socializing your digital event data around your business. We can do it for you.
Support contracts
Have direct access to our Analytics Team as questions arise, on an ongoing basis.
Get started with Snowplow fast
Starter packs to get you up and running, and your team comfortable and productive, working with our technology and your data.
Operationalize your data

Data Engineering Services

A range of services to build data-driven applications on top of Snowplow technology, extend the Snowplow stack and support your engineering team running our open source products.

Unlock more value from your data with data engineering

Work with our team to extend the Snowplow technology stack and build data-driven processing applications to meet your needs.

Real-time application design and build.
Design, build, roll out and run data-driven applications on top of your real-time event stream.
Extend the Snowplow technology stack.
Build out support for tracking in new platforms, new enrichments and new storage targets.
Support contracts.
Support your data engineering and devops teams setup and run Snowplow open source technology.
Workshops and training sessions to upskill your engineering team in Snowplow technology and building data-driven applications from related technologies.

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