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An introductory guide to marketing attribution

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Learn how to measure the full impact of your marketing touchpoints

In this white paper, we’ll cover what marketing attribution is, why it’s so important and how to decide on the right attribution model(s) for your business.

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  • The complexity of the modern, multi-channel customer journey
  • The pros and cons of Last-click, First-click and Bathtub attribution models
  • How other companies have built successful attribution models using Snowplow

“Using Snowplow data and multiple other data sources, we built end-to-end attribution for Green Building supply — the full customer journey from sample to purchase. This allowed us to see exactly how much specific campaigns generated across channels and optimize from there.”

David Sinton, Co-Founder Big Tree Online


True multi-touch attribution begins with collecting and centralizing your multi-source data, making sure you have the volume, quality and completeness of data you need and then connecting the dots to build your attribution story.

Attributing credit to different events in the journey gives companies evidence of what is and isn’t working in their marketing campaigns and the opportunity to optimize around that evidence.

Download the white paper to learn how different attribution models can help answer different questions for making data-driven decisions and creating a data-informed strategy.