real-time data

Real-time event data,
no ifs or buts.

With Snowplow you can consume and act on your
entire datastream - immediately.

Act on your data

You get your complete, granular, highly structured, enriched data to you in real-time directly into your own Kinesis stream, Pub/Sub topic, Elasticsearch cluster and/or BigQuery. Consume that data in real-time to power real-time dashboards and applications such as fraud detection or personalization engines.

Frequent loading
to your data warehouse

With Snowplow, we deliver your data into your data warehouse fast: into BigQuery in seconds, and into Redshift and Snowflake DB every 10 minutes. This means no waiting around for numbers to update or reports to be finalized.

From the Snowplow blog

Real-time data processing with Google Analytics using Snowplow

If you’re a Google Analytics user, using Snowplow you can now process your complete event stream in real-time. In this post, we’re going to explore some examples of how having real-time processing live on your Google Analytics can unlock new ways to model, consume, and act on your data.

Snowplow for Google Cloud Platform is here

Unifying your Snowplow data sources together in BigQuery gives you a high quality, structured data set that’s easy to work with. Having that data available in real-time means you can make product and marketing decisions just as fast. And you can directly import data from your marketing tools like Google Ads.

A misconception about how retail personalization drives sales

When you implement a personalization strategy, you need to do it in the context of the overall customer experience you’re trying to create. You need to be clear what value personalization is supposed to add for your customers, and then test to make sure it’s having the intended effect.