A data collection platform designed to evolve with your business.

Snowplow Insights is the best way to collect rich, granular event data, delivered to your warehouse of choice.


Your event data pipeline, running in your cloud account for complete control so your Data Protection Officer sleeps easy at night.

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Data quality

Upfront event validation and bad data repair and replay mean your Data Engineers never have to worry about bad or missing data.

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Data richness

More events, and more data per event so your Data Scientists have the best data to feed your machine learning models.

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Your entire eventstream, available in real-time so you can act on it right there and then and power your real-time applications.

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Define the data structures that fit your business. No more struggling to fit your business logic to a vendor's rigid view.

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Fully managed,
end-to-end data

From installation and upgrades to monitoring and autoscaling, we’ve got you covered: you and your team can focus on your business objectives and leave the upkeep and ongoing maintenance of your data pipeline to the experts that built it.

Our expertise,
your infrastructure

You’ll reap the benefits of our expertise and experience in managing large and complex data infrastructures for 140+ customers just like you.
We’ll setup your pipeline according to your needs, and we’ll even help you to cut down your cloud costs by optimizing your pipeline setup.

24/7 support
at your disposal

You’ll have access to our dedicated Support Engineering team 24/7 to help you troubleshoot or fix any issues that may occur.
We’re experts at debugging and troubleshooting data quality issues so you don’t have to be.

“With Snowplow’s data pipeline, we’re able to have complete confidence in the decisions we make based on event data. We’re able to answer questions that would have been impossible to track down otherwise.”

Mike Roth
Sr. Software Engineer

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