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Data collection done right.

Data collection is the foundation of the data value chain.

Snowplow Insights puts you in control of your data collection. You decide what you want to track. We deliver that data to you, in your own data warehouse, so you can ask any question of your data, perform any analysis, use any analytics tool. We surface your data to you, in real-time, so you can act on it.

Set your team free to use data to differentiate.

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Snowplow Insights Pipeline

Digital data collection is hard.

In order to do data collection right, we need to understand what makes doing it well so hard.

Multiple platforms

To understand your users, you need to identify and track them across all the platforms and channels you engage with them, consolidate that data and build a single customer view.

Engagement varies widely

Users don't engage with email, dating services or banking apps in the same way. So we should not expect the data from each to look alike, or even be structured alike.

Constantly evolving

Digital products and services are constantly evolving, and as they do, data collection needs to evolve with it. As we build understanding, the questions we ask of data are constantly evolving, and with it, so must our data collection.

What are the options?

Insights Options Batch


  • Up to 10M events per month
  • Standard enrichments
  • Data loaded into S3 and 1 data warehouse (Redshift or Snowflake DB)

Starting from

$1,500 month

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Insights Options Batch


  • Up to 750M events per month
  • Standard + Premium enrichments
  • Data loaded into S3 + Kinesis + 1 data warehouse (Redshift or Snowflake DB) + Elastic
  • Data modelling in data warehouse
  • Quarterly customer success check-ins
  • Redash and/or Superset

Starting from

$5,000 month

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Insights Options Real-time


  • Unlimited event volumes
  • Standard + Premium enrichments
  • Data loaded into S3 + Kinesis + 1 data warehouse + Elastic
  • Data modelling in data warehouse or upstream (in-stream)
  • Dedicated CSM
  • Custom data processing topologies
  • Redash and/or Superset

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Empower your team to use data to differentiate

Snowplow Insight gives you control over your data, so you are free to do what you want with it.

Take control of your data.
  • You own your own data and your data pipeline.
  • Control who you share what data with.
  • Define your own data structures, enrichment logic and modeling logic.
  • Decide where you want to surface your data.
Evolve your data collection with your business.
  • A systematic approach to evolving your data collection and processing as your business, and the questions you ask of the data, evolve.
Track events from everywhere.
  • Track events from your own applications on web, mobile, PC, Smart Home, Smart Car and IoT.
  • Track events from all the different marketing channels you engage your users on, including email, push, call center etc.
  • Stitch data from each platform together to build a single customer view.
Your data where you need it.
  • Direct delivery of your data into the different places that enables you to plug in the broadest range of tools and query the data easily, including Amazon Redshift, Kinesis, Elasticsearch and S3.
  • All your data available in seconds
  • Act on your data in real-time.
  • No limit to the number of data points captured with each event.
  • Define your own entities and events, with as many data points as you want in each.
  • Enrich your data with first and third party data, in real-time.
  • Automatic tracking of common events and contextual data across a large number of platforms and channels.
  • Track and process billions of events per day.
Built for analysis.
  • Highly structured data is easy to query.
  • Structured approach to schema and metadata management.
  • Clean separation of the underlying record of events and business logic applied when analyzing those events.
Trust your data.
  • Engineered for high data quality.
  • Full auditable pipeline.
  • Systematic data validation and error reporting at all stage in the pipeline.
Analytics experts.
  • Work with our own Data Analytics and Data Engineering Teams to do more with our technology.
  • Work with our growing ecosystem of data-sophisticated partners.
Be part of our community of Data Sophisticated Companies.
  • Join an active and growing community of some of the Smartest People in Data, working across thousands of companies running Snowplow technology.
Cost effective.
  • We are orders of magnitude cheaper than our competitors.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’d be happy to learn more about your organization, answer any questions you have, and demo or discuss Snowplow in more detail.

Our case Studies


How JustWatch uses Snowplow data to drive spectacular growth.

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Snowplow is the next generation web analytics for data driven organisations. At Hipper.com we could no longer extract incremental value from canned aggregated reports that you get from run of the mill SaaS web analytics solutions. Snowplow enables us to take ownership of granular visitor behavioural data, which yields significant actionable insights and optimisation possibilities around the visitor’s journey. Martin Johansson, Managing Director