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For companies who warehouse their customer data, run production reporting on data in their warehouse, or are ready to experiment with real-time use cases.

  • Unlimited sources
  • Data available in:

    • One warehouse: Redshift, BigQuery, SnowflakeDB
    • One streaming target: Pub/Sub, Kinesis
    • One long term storage target: S3, GCS
    • Elasticsearch
  • Standard SLAs
  • Standard enrichments


For companies running real-time data-driven applications, or who require cross-cloud support, and a pipeline fully customized to their business needs.

  • Unlimited sources
  • Data available in:

    • Multiple warehouses: Redshift, BigQuery, SnowflakeDB
    • Multiple streaming targets: Pub/Sub, Kinesis
    • Multiple long term storage targets: S3, GCS
    • Elasticsearch
  • Premium SLAs
  • Premium enrichments
  • Custom data pipelines
  • Cross cloud support (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Filter subsets of data from streams into multiple destinations

Snowplow Insights total cost of ownership

All three costs are required to run Snowplow Insights

  • Insights

    Collect rich, granular and high-quality data, delivered to your warehouse of choice with a fully managed, end-to-end data pipeline.



  • Kickstarter

    Our Implementation Engineering team will co-design a tracking strategy, co-develop a SQL data model in your warehouse, and provide training on the Snowplow stack.


    One off cost
    of $5k-20k

  • Cloud costs

    Payments are made directly to AWS or GCP, with costs depending on your required pipeline architecture and retention policies. Get in touch for an estimate of your monthly cloud costs.



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