Customized pricing based on your needs

We work with you on a pricing structure that fits your data maturity and use cases. We assess your requirements and design a plan that fits your business.

  • Data pipeline

    End-to-end data pipeline running in your AWS or GCP account

  • QA pipeline

    Single instance version of the pipeline set up and used for testing purposes

  • Sources

    A selected overview of the sources we support can be found here

  • Destinations

    Destinations include streams, data warehouses and data lakes across AWS, GCP, Snowflake and Azure

  • Customer support

    Dedicated Support Engineers for 24/7 support and assurance

  • Uptime SLA

    This refers to the uptime of the collector

  • Latency SLA

    This refers to the latency of the data delivery

  • Data quality

    A user interface to monitor, surface and reprocess failed events

  • Event definition

    Command line tool for open source and a user interface for Insights customers

  • Multi-cloud pipeline

    Functionality that allows for streaming data across cloud environments

Open Source

Open source

A do-it-yourself option for data engineering teams who want to build and run their customer data pipeline.

  • Build-it-yourself
  • Build-it-yourself
  • Unlimited
  • Build-it-yourself


For data teams running production reporting in their warehouse, and want the assurance of a fully managed customer data pipeline.

  • Standard, as a service
  • Snowplow Mini
  • Unlimited
  • Multiple
  • Standard
  • 99.9%
  • 1 hour


For data pioneers running real-time data-driven applications, require cross-cloud support, and a pipeline fully customized to their needs.

  • Custom, as a service
  • Unlimited Minis
    Additional pipeline
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Custom
  • 99.99%
  • Real-time
  • Assurance Business

    Assurance for your business

    Your data team can sleep easy at night while our 24/7 support and infrastructure team keeps your pipeline running smoothly. With SLAs customized to your needs you can stay focused on driving value from your data.

  • Feel empowered with custom onboarding

    We ensure you get the most value from your Snowplow pipeline and get the toolset you need to evolve your data capability. Our team of Implementation Engineers and Data Strategists co-design your tracking strategy, co-develop a SQL data model in your warehouse and provide training on the Snowplow stack.

    Feel Empowered
  • Stay in Control

    Stay in control of your costs

    Our Private SaaS model means you control your cloud costs. Scale up or down as you see fit and choose the cloud and tools that best match your budget and use cases. We’ll even advise you on how to optimize your infrastructure for cost efficiency.

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