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Tasman Analytics

Tasman help mobile apps realise their full potential using advanced data analysis on top of the Snowplow Insights pipeline.
They offer both tailored services and automated modules that you can plug into your existing Snowplow Insights platform.

London, United Kingdom

Big Tree Marketing

Big Tree work with retailers to provide a holistic action plan based on your business, metrics, customers and goals. They work with your team to implement solutions, measure them, and grow your business where it counts, all built on top of Snowplow Insights.

Iowa, United States of America

Poplin Data

Poplin Data provides Snowplow Insights to high-growth businesses in Australia and beyond. Their mission is to unify your customer analytics so that you can focus on using data to drive insight, fast.

Sydney, Australia

Infinite Lambda

Infinite Lambda helps you make the most of Snowplow Insights. Our diverse team of Data Engineers, Analysts and Scientists allows you to maximise ROI on data initiatives.

London, United Kingdom

Arkle Advisors

Arkle is a global digital and data agency focused on optimizing your sales channels and supporting technology solutions to drive measured growth for select brands and companies. We work with your Marketing, Product & Technology teams to ensure Snowplow is deployed and configured to achieve high-impact results. Our team includes Data Scientists, Marketing Pros and Technology Delivery managers. We can help you validate business challenges, develop a focused plan and deliver results leveraging your own First-Party Data using Snowplow.

California, United States of America


DataSprints is an expert consultancy that unleashes the potential of startups and large corporations through projects with purpose and impact. They are specialists in helping you extract the best from you and your team via continuous improvement, best practices, and solutions, such as Snowplow Insights.

São Paulo, Brasil

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