Understand, predict and automate your customers with Snowplow and Snowflake

“We’re going all in with Snowplow because it allows us to have real-time data… with the entire pipeline from Snowplow to Snowflake, it is usually minutes and not more than that.”

– Wannes Rosier, Data and News Personalization Manager at DPG Media

Snowplow and Snowflake together create behavioral, first party data for modern data architectures that enables data science teams to create and consume ML-ready analytics data in real time.

Place the Data Cloud at the heart of your analytics efforts

Create a deep understanding of your customers with best in class behavioral data directly in your Snowflake account. Snowplow’s first party behavioral data and seamless identity resolution provides the most comprehensive view of your customers journey.

Generate and consume ML-ready behavioral data

Behavioral data is the strongest signal of intent yet the biggest missed opportunity. Build highly accurate propensity models or customer centric ML-apps with rich and pre-validated AI-ready behavioral data.

Automate data from a single source of truth

With Snowplow and Snowflake creating a single source of truth about your customers, action your data via reverse ETL to drive business value from your new found insight into your customers.

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