Take complete control and full ownership of your data.

Your end-to-end data collection pipeline running
in your own AWS or GCP account.

Running native
in your cloud

With Snowplow, your complete data collection pipeline runs on your own AWS or GCP account. Your data never leaves your environment. You have complete ownership of that data, and complete control over the pipeline.

Data compliance
made easy

You have complete control over what personal information you collect and where that information lives. That data does not leave your environment and you can decide who has access to it, what they can do with it, and when it is expired. Plus, Snowplow has specific functionality around privacy and GDPR to help keep you compliant.

means control

With Snowplow you have total control over your own data. It means you can decide how frequently you want to run the pipeline, how much latency you want to tolerate and how much you want to spend on your infrastructure each month.

From the Snowplow blog

GDPR challenges in a multi-platform, multi-device world

In this post, we’ll identify in what situations it is and is not possible to enable a user consent on one platform to determine how that same user’s data is processed when collected from another platform.

How data ownership makes you a more effective data scientist

Snowplow Analytics helps you become a highly effective data scientist by giving your company ownership of your data back from analytics tools that are limiting you, so you can focus on plying your craft.

How to manage consent for GDPR, a nuanced approach

Under GDPR, we have to manage the fact that different “pots” of data might be collected for different purposes and ensure that, if combined, the use of the combined data is still consistent with the specific purpose initially consented to during collection.