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Experience Snowplow data for yourself

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Try Snowplow vs Snowplow Insights

Try Snowplow is a minified version of the Snowplow Insights technology that uses the same core components as Snowplow Insights so you can collect and query Snowplow data from your products and applications.

Try Snowplow Snowplow Insights
Hosted in your own cloud AWS, (GCP coming soon) AWS, GCP
First-party server cookies
Unlimited sources
Custom data structures
Available enrichments 3 16
Custom enrichments
Bad rows (no UI) (with monitoring and diagnosis UI)
Load data into warehouse Postgres Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery
Load data into lake S3, GCS
Data available in-stream Kinesis, PubSub, Azure Event Streams
Maximum throughput 50 events per second 1 Unlimited
Time limit 30 days Unlimited
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[1] any events above this cap will be dropped

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