On demand seminar

Unwrapping the potential of behavioral data in retail


19 January 2021


09:30 – 10:30 GMT

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In fast moving sectors like retail and e-commerce, gaining insights into your business performance with key indicators like search optimisation, high performing product recommendation and the creation of a single customer view might feel like a constant challenge.  

Building a data strategy that reflects your businesses needs is key to solving these challenges. And when it comes to behavioural data, managing your data stack in-house rather than opting for a packaged solution ensures you maintain total control and ownership over your data, and allows you to define data structures, data modeling logic and pipeline configurations and evolve them with your business.

In this seminar, our speakers will deep-dive into why packaged analytics may seem appealing, but ultimately present various long term challenges around data quality and ownership. They will also discuss the benefits of keeping behavioral data management in-house, specifically for retail and ecommerce brands.


  • Jordan Peck

    Jordan Peck

    Solutions Architect,

  • Paul Feltham

    Paul Feltham

    Account Executive (Retail), Snowplow

In this discussion, our speakers will dive into:

  • Some of the advantages of packaged analytics and why they are popular with retail and ecommerce organisations.
  • The limitations of packaged analytics and the benefits of managing your data stack in-house, especially for organisations dealing with behavioural data.
  • The possible use cases achievable with sophisticated behavioural data management.