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The roadmap to data-informed customer journeys


April 21st 2021


16:00 GMT

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Building a complete picture of your customer journey is difficult. Digital customer journeys are growing in complexity – likely made up of interactions across multiple channels from your website and app to chatbots, social media, marketing emails and more.

During this webinar, we will take a look at how customer journeys are typically created, their potential value and why we think they’re better when data-informed. We will be joined by Snowplow customers WeTransfer, who will present their ambitions and roadmap that they have set out to tackle challenges such as implementing cross product tracking using a suite of tools, mapping their customers potential journeys across mobile and web, and how they are getting other teams involved in their roadmap.

We will discuss how data teams should be thinking about approaching their own customer journeys and hear insights to help others who are thinking of planning a similar roadmap. 


  • Tim Faber

    Tim Faber

    Analytics Lead,

  • Mike Jongbloet

    Mike Jongbloet

    Product Designer,

In this discussion, our speakers will dive into:

  • The various interactions that contribute to a customer journey and the complexity of these modern journeys.
  • Ways to ensure customer journeys are data-informed.
  • An example of a roadmap from WeTransfer and how they plan to tackle various challenges when it comes to their customer journey mapping.