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Product Office Hours: Snowplow for mobile analytics


April 28 2021


17:00 – 18:00 GMT

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Join Snowplow’s product and tech teams for our monthly office hours where we will dive into new features and updates, enabling you to get the most out of Snowplow.

Our topic this month is using Snowplow for mobile analytics.

The mobile analytics space is ever evolving: the platforms (iOS and Android) are changing what and how you can collect information about your users, and the advertising platforms are changing what data they make available. This makes understanding your mobile users, and therefore delivering highly personalised and relevant experiences to them, increasingly complex.

Over the last year, we have completely revamped our mobile offering to better empower our users to build best in class mobile analytics with Snowplow. In this office hours, Cara will be joined by Analytics Engineer Will and Mobile Engineer Alex to introduce the next generation of our mobile trackers as well as our first incremental mobile model.

These sessions will consist of a short presentation and demonstration, before opening up the floor to questions from the audience.