On Demand Webinar

Powering product analytics with behavioral data

With Snowplow and Indicative

July 14, 2021
17:00 BST

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Historically, product analytics has been delivered in a packaged form – leaving data teams with little to no control over how their data is collected, structured, processed and modeled.

But more recently, the rise in data warehousing has meant data-led organizations are now able to overcome the challenges of data silos and build a flexible data stack that best suits their requirements. 

Once data teams get the best quality behavioral data into their data warehouse, tools such as Indicative ingest that data straight from the warehouse, giving teams the actionable insights needed to optimize customer acquisition, engagement, and retention. 

During this webinar, Snowplow Co-Founder and CEO Alex Dean will chat to Jeremy Levy, CEO at Indicative about how the shift from packaged product analytics solutions to a modular data stack is enabling data teams to leverage behavioral data and power more sophisticated product analytics. 

Join us for part two of our two-part webinar series where analytics experts from Indicative and Snowplow discuss what it means to have a modern data stack for 2021.


  • Alex Dean

    Alex Dean

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Jeremy Levy

    Jeremy Levy

    Co-Founder and CEO

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The reasons behind a shift to modular data stacks, and the role of the data warehouse within organizations. 
  • Why behavioral data is the best asset to power product analytics use cases.
  • The opportunities and challenges when evolving your data stack.