Fireside Chat, On Demand Webinar

The Modern Data Stack; the future-proof data solution

A fireside chat with Boris Jabes

July 1, 2021
17:30 BST | 9:30 PDT

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Join us for part two of our four part event series with our friends at Census. 

During this founder fireside chat, Alex Dean will sit down with Boris Jabes, Founder and CEO at Census to discuss the central role of the data warehouse and the growing need for operational analytics in the modern organization. They will explore the thinking behind the data warehouse as the ‘brain’ of the business, with the modern data stack acting as the ‘central nervous system’ for today’s companies

They’ll cover the importance of these elements of the modern data stack, in order to deliver actionable, high quality data where it’s needed most.

In this discussion, our speakers will dive into:

  • The importance of nurturing each element of your data stack, to gain accurate and effective data.
  • How to future-proof your business with a ‘brain’ to withstand changing and challenging landscapes.
  • How you can utilize behavioral data to make data-informed decisions about your audiences and maximise business revenue.


  • Alex Dean

    Alex Dean

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Boris Jabes

    Boris Jabes

    Founder and CEO