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Modeling Behavioral Data with dbt and Snowplow

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October 27, 2021
9 AM PDT | 12 PM EDT | 5PM BST

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Event data can be a goldmine of information. But until you model your raw data by applying your own business logic to it and aggregating it into useful data sets, you can’t use it to inform key decisions.

That’s where Snowplow and dbt come in. With Snowplow, you can deliver rich behavioral data from all your platforms and products to your destinations of choice. From there, dbt gives you a fast, seamless way to model your data so it’s ready to be analyzed.

Snowplow’s new dbt package gives you an incremental, modular data model you can iterate on to build game-changing data models for your business.


  • Yali Sassoon

    Yali Sassoon

    CPO and Co-Founder

  • Sanjana Sen

    Sanjana Sen

    Analytics Engineer
    dbt Labs

  • Will Warner

    Will Warner

    Analytics Engineer