On Demand Webinar

How to democratize your behavioral data with Snowplow and Census

July 22, 2021
17:30 BST | 09:30 PDT

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Join us for the final part of our four-part event series with our friends at Census. 

If you’ve been following along, by now you’ll know that the world’s most successful organizations treat their businesses as intelligent organisms run by an evolving brain of data, building bespoke systems that flex and develop as they grow. 

In this webinar, Snowplow’s product expert Archit Goyal, and Olya Tanner, customer data architect from Census, will demonstrate the end-to-end journey of your behavioral data through the combined data stack. Archit and Olya will use a sample data set to showcase how Snowplow and Census work together to democratize behavioral data.

  • What real-time, granular data actually looks like; from tracking to warehouse. 
  • How that data is democratized across ad platforms, product analytics and CRM. 
  • Why you can utilize the modern data stack to maximise your bottom line.


  • Archit Goyal

    Archit Goyal

    Product Strategist

  • Olya Tanner

    Olya Tanner

    Customer Data Architect