Giving you the tools to deliver high-quality data to the business

The data delivery pipeline designed to help you maximize the value of your behavioral data.

Data team

Build a data asset for your business

Snowplow empowers data teams to build a strategic data capability, delivering the data requirements that different functions need to deliver business growth.

Collect complete, accurate, well-structured data that delivers value to your organization

A fully-managed end-to-end data pipeline

Snowplow takes care of implementation, upgrades, and maintenance, leaving you free to focus on data projects that drive the business forward.

Time to value

Create a data capability in hours, not months

Don’t waste months building your pipeline from scratch when you can leverage Snowplow’s tried and tested technology to serve the business with rich, complete, and clean data immediately.

Convenient console

Full control from one convenient console

Manage all aspects of your data pipeline, with the ability to track data quality, explore failed events, and identify bad data sources. Create and evolve your event definitions, monitor pipeline health, and easily configure enrichments.

Data governance

Extensive tooling to support data governance

From development sandboxes and QA pipelines to automated testing and quality control, we help you ensure your data is always accurate, complete, meaningful and actionable.

Leverage your favorite cloud tools and technologies

Work with clean, structured, and complete data in your preferred cloud environments and data tools.

Snowplow’s data delivery platform is architected from the ground up for data teams

A powerful solution for data teams who want to enjoy greater control over the data they collect, manage, and store.

Trackers and webhooks

Trackers and webhooks to collect behavioral data from web, mobile, desktop, server, IoT, and third-party applications.


No events are silently “dropped”. You can audit data quality at every stage of the pipeline.

Enriched data

Snowplow supports a range of configurable enrichments like PII pseudonymization, IP anonymization, GeoIP lookup and cookie extraction—as well as fully custom enrichments.

Real-time stream

We expose a real-time stream of fully enriched event data for you and your team to build real-time applications or dashboards on top of your Snowplow data.

Data wharehouse

We load your data into your data warehouse of choice on a schedule with comprehensive latency SLAs.

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