Get your machine learning projects to production with Snowplow

We empower data scientists with rich, accurate and consistent data for speedy ML deployments.

Data science team

Less time cleaning and formatting, more time deploying

Snowplow delivers behavioral data that is granular, clean, accurate and consistent, so you can spend more time training and productizing your models.

Collect raw, granular data you can be confident in to power your Data Science initiatives

Ready-to-use data for your projects

Snowplow enables data scientists to spend more time training models and less time formatting and cleaning data—which means your business feels the benefits faster.

Built for data scientists

A data pipeline built for data scientists

Snowplow offers the flexibility and customization of a bespoke data pipeline combined with the security, quality, and reliability of enterprise-strength software.

Rich data for your models

Richer data for training your models

Snowplow automatically tracks rich, contextual information with your events, and additional data points are appended through first and third-party enrichments so you get an extremely rich data set to train your models.

Data quality you can depend on

High quality data you can depend on

Don’t let low quality data slow down your data science projects. With Snowplow you get accurate, complete and meaningful data you can trust and use.

Work with your data using your favorite tools

Data is loaded into tidy tables in your data warehouse in a ready-to-use format. This makes it easy for you and your team to leverage your data in your preferred AutoML platform and data science tools.

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