Welcome to the Jungle uses Snowplow data to closely monitor user behavior on their website

Welcome to the Jungle


Welcome to the Jungle at a glance

Welcome to the Jungle is a media company and jobs board launched in 2015 in Paris that matches working professionals with their dream employers.

Key results

  • 3%

    More unique users became visible each month

  • Ownership of their granular behavioral data set for improved insights

  • 5%

    More page views captured each month

“It was especially important for us to calculate conversion rates accurately for our clients, so they could compare us to other job boards. This wasn’t possible before Snowplow.”

Aurelien Rayer, Head of Data at Welcome to the Jungle

The challenge

Relying on Google Analytics for web data capture, Welcome to the Jungle found that ad blockers significantly inhibited their ability to accurately track their users. Users with ad blockers were going missing, and without access to their raw data, it was impossible to pinpoint why the numbers of visitors and job candidates were not matching up. Since Welcome to the Jungle needed this vital data to inform their clients, it was essential they found a reliable method to web data collection as soon as possible.

The solution

Using Snowplow, Welcome to the Jungle were able to beat the ad blockers and track their web users as a first party. Immediately they saw significant changes in their web analytics – with 3% more unique users and 5% more page views per month that had previously been missing from their reporting. Individual users could be tracked with a new level of accuracy, particularly with ‘page pings’, making it possible to report media engagement in depth . With full ownership of their behavioral data, Welcome to the Jungle can now stitch together user behavior to build a complete customer view of media visitors, job applicants and recruiters to improve their online experience.

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