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How Viewbix uses Snowplow to help brands create highly engaging video ad campaigns and improve return on advertising spend

The Viewbix platform makes it easy for brands to build rich, interactive, video ad units. These campaigns drive much higher engagement and response than classic video and display ads, improving the return on advertising spend for brands.

“25% of viewers who watch a video enhanced by Viewbix engage with at least one of the apps.
That’s 16 times higher than the industry average”.


Thanks to the granularity and flexibility of Snowplow data, Viewbix provides advertisers with unparalleled insight into the effectiveness of their campaigns and the way users have engaged with them.

Viewbix Insights: actionable analytics that generate insights and maximize video ROI

Viewbix Insights is a key part of the Viewbix value proposition and is entirely powered by Snowplow data. It enables Viewbix customers to know exactly how viewers engage with their videos. Customers can then use this information to optimize their campaigns, drive user engagement and maximize their video ROI.

“When we can show a customer that 95% of actions taken during a video happen between 0:30 and 0:35 seconds in, we have provided amazing value. The customer can in turn look at his video and learn what messaging is working, what isn’t, and make needed changes. We use analytics to show that small changes can drive significant increase in KPIs.”

Dani Waxman, Product Manager, Viewbix

Product analytics

The Viewbix team uses the Snowplow data internally to learn about how advertisers use their video platform, how users engage with video ads and what makes an effective campaign. This data serves as the foundation to drive their platform development forward.

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