How Tripaneer uses their event-level data to map their multi-channel customer journey



Tripaneer at a glance

Tripaneer makes it easy to find and book unique holidays and action-oriented travel experiences. Tripaneer uses customer data to match individuals with the adventures of their dreams.

Key results

  • Tripaneer were able to optimize their marketing spend by using event-level data to accurately attribute revenue to each campaign

  • With greater access to their data and complete freedom to track any event, Tripaneer were better able to experiment and carry out A/B tests

  • By stitching together data from multiple sources and devices alongside historic logs, Tripaneer get a complete view of the end-to-end customer journey

“Once we figured out how easy it is to add trackers, we quickly started adding all kinds of events to understand how users browse and search on our site. We even moved all our infrastructure tracking and server-side events to Snowplow.”

Steven O, Head of Analytics at Tripaneer

The challenge

Tripaneer quickly outgrew their homegrown data collection solution with the huge volumes of data they were gathering. Tripaneer needed to accurately attribute data from a range of marketing channels, including Google, Bing, Facebook, display ads and their own affiliate program. Without a way to centralize their marketing data, Tripaneer received data from each platform that didn’t add up. They needed a solution to provide a clear view of campaign and ad-level data to help them decide where best to allocate resources.

The solution

Using Snowplow, Tripaneer have unprecedented level of control, accuracy, and transparency over their data. With event-level tracking in real-time, Tripaneer can monitor and eventually predict customer intent. As a result, they can access the complete picture of their customer journey, optimize their ad spend and offer more personalized experiences.

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