Fueling triple-digit growth for Software.com

High-quality behavioral data from multiple sources is delivered at speed, giving Software.com a distinctive competitive advantage.


growth in Software.com user base

20 seconds

for high-quality, granular behavioral data to land in data warehouse

19 million

events collected each day, with no manual intervention


Data is the lifeblood of Software.com. The company helps software teams create code more effectively by collecting and sharing a range of insights—and, to deliver these insights, it needs to capture and deliver high-quality, reliable data from multiple sources.

Yet, in tracking different types of events across numerous platforms—like code editor telemetry, Git events, Slack messaging, and even Spotify plays—it can get messy.

Software.com’s engineers were spending too much time and effort preparing data and maintaining the data pipeline. And, with no unified versioning, they had to manually track any changes. Adding to all this, Software.com’s servers were struggling to keep up with the increasing amount of event data.


Software.com sought a better way to manage data formats, versioning, and scalability. After considering multiple solutions, the team chose Snowplow for its ability to track event data from multiple sources and deliver it all in a single, consolidated format.

Universal data language

All data entering the warehouse has been validated and adheres to a unified format.

Pipeline ownership

Software.com retains complete control and ownership over its data infrastructure.

Customized events

130 standard out-of-the-box trackers, plus the flexibility to add custom JSON schemas.


Using Snowplow, Software.com’s data stack now passes data from collection to analysis in roughly 20 seconds—hours ahead of the closest competition. Thanks to this, Software.com’s user base has grown 250%.

Behind the scenes, the engineering team has been freed up to work on more impactful projects. And, by choosing to buy rather than build data infrastructure, Software.com has reaped significant time and cost savings.

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