Powering product insights with behavioral data

SaaS at a glance quantifies the craft of Software Development by collecting data across the stack, providing insights that help developers and teams measure and improve. Using Snowplow, it tracks various data points, including but not limited to systems meta data, code editor activity and Slack messaging. By identifying a developer’s most valuable time, works to protect and enhance it, and ultimately improve the productivity of their team.

Key results


increase in user base since integrating Snowplow into data stack


events collect per hour, with no manual intervention required


downtime due to data ingestion issues

From the beginning, I was able to see that it was a really flexible platform with the custom JSON schemas you can make…that’s one of the primary reasons I went with Snowplow

– Mason McLead, CTO of

The challenge

Data is fundamental to’s mission. They need high-quality behavioral data delivered in near real time in order to provide their users with genuine value. Prior to implementing Snowplow, however,’s data team was struggling to collect and manage this data. Given the breadth of sources it collects data from, the team was spending a considerable amount of time cleaning and transferring data into another format. On top of this, their servers weren’t keeping up with the pace of new installs, locking up as new users increased significantly. 

The solution

For, Snowplow provided a flexible, scalable way of getting high-quality behavioral data in real time. With Snowplow delivering behavioral data in a single, unified and versioned format from multiple sources,’s data team has been freed up to work on more meaningful projects and drive the growth of the company forward.  

Power your product with Snowplow behavioral data

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