Case Study

Simply Business uses Snowplow to provide
a superior customer service

Deep understanding of their customers, built on tracking of interactions across all channels, enables Simply Business to effectively serve and grow their customer base of 425k microbusinesses.

"The Snowplow data set has become part of our core strategic offering."

Stewart Duncan, Director of Data Science

Simply Business uses Snowplow to understand customer interactions across its website, call center, email and digital marketing channels. That understanding means they can better serve their users, on each of those channels: driving 17.5% compound annual growth in insurance premiums placed.

Continuous, data-driven optimization

Data-driven product development.

The product team at Simply Business run an ongoing A/B testing program on top of Snowplow data, driving systematic improvements to the on-site experience. In addition, they analyze data to identify and improve friction points in their user journeys.

Pretty much everyone at Simply Business uses Snowplow, especially the product development team. They use that continuously, to analyse the user journey and question set.(...)We can zoom in where in the form users have an issue and then aggregate the data to understand how many people experience that and how much of a friction point that is. That is powerful.

Stewart Duncan, Director of Data Science

The on-site experience is personalized, in real-time, based on the user's behaviour.

Call center staff know whom to call based on a predictive lead scoring model, running on granular behavioural data. On calls, they are informed with up-to-the-minute information about everything the user has already shared on the website, provided by Snowplow.

A multi-channel, multi-touch attribution model is used to optimize marketing spending across digital and non-digital (e.g. radio) channels.

A recognized innovator in Data and Technology.

Simply Business won Business Intelligence Project of the Year at the Data, Analytics and Technology Awards 2015, for Aerie, the "Analytics Event Recording for Insight and Exploration", of which Snowplow is a critical component, beating much larger insurance companies. "Data's at the heart of everything we do - from product improvements to how we shape the future of the company."

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