How Omio took ownership and control of their data infrastructure to drive a quality-first data culture



Omio at a glance

Omio is Europe’s leading online travel platform for booking the fastest, cheapest and easiest journeys via train, bus and plane.

Key results

  • Omio created a fully customized pipeline, part Snowplow, part self-build for complete control and flexibility to fit their needs

  • With Snowplow’s robust validation step, Omio gained significant time-savings by solving data quality issues before they escalate

  • Using high quality Snowplow data enables Omio to drive a self-serve data culture across multiple data teams and use cases

“The gist is that once you have all the relevant data for each event, which is possible with Snowplow, you can do whatever you want with it. Snowplow’s importance will only continue to grow as we customize our pipeline.”

Rahul Jain, Principal Engineering Manager at Omio

The challenge

As their data demands increased, Omio recognized they needed a solution that enabled them to share data with key data consumers – data scientists, products teams and analysts, while ensuring a high standard of data quality. The solution needed to align with the company’s move to an efficient, self-serve data culture, with enough flexibility to give Omio complete control and ownership of their data and data infrastructure.

The solution

After mapping out their requirements, Omio found their blueprint for a potential self-built pipeline closely resembled Snowplow. After more discovery, it became clear that Omio could take advantage of Snowplow’s modular infrastructure to keep key components, such as Snowplow’s validation stage, while utilizing Omio infrastructure where required. The result was a hybrid solution: part Snowplow, part Omio, that enabled Omio to capture complete, accurate data that meets their high quality data requirements. In the near term, Omio are looking to leverage of Snowplow’s multi-cloud functionality to migrate from AWS to GCP, as they continue to drive a quality-first, self-serve data culture across the business.

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