La Presse case study

How La Presse uses Snowplow data to automate, optimize and personalize their marketing in real time

La presse

La Presse is a fully digital, French-language newspaper based in Canada, with almost 4 million active readers each month.

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Key results

  • Increased email open rates by 25% through personalization
  • Email click-through-rate grew by 33% with personalized messaging
  • 2.5 million CAD in donations thanks to personalized advertising based on Snowplow data

The challenge

After shifting from print to digital, La Presse needed to implement a sophisticated data strategy that would enable them to compete with the ultra-competitive online fight for user attention. To achieve this, they looked to take advantage of opportunities to personalize content, messaging and advertising for their readers. But to realize their ambitions for personalization, La Presse’s experienced data team needed a customizable, self-hosted, real-time data collection platform to support their sales, marketing and newsroom teams.

The solution

With Snowplow, La Presse had the rich, granular data they needed to deploy personalized experiences and ad offerings to readers in real time. La Presse had access to limitless event tracking, and could segment audiences by interests and engagement. This gave sales teams, advertisers and marketers a deep understanding of what readers wanted, and enabled them to tailor user experiences in response. As a result, La Presse delivers powerfully personalized experiences at every touchpoint, have better insight into their users and have the insights they need to continuously improve their offering.

“Having Snowplow helps the business. For sales, it can be an increase in revenue because of the audience we are able to provide; for marketing, better insight into users and how they can become more engaged.”

Hervé Mensah,
Director - Data Science & Integration, La Presse

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