Case Study

How JustWatch uses Snowplow data
to drive spectacular growth

User-level intelligence, built on Snowplow data, enables JustWatch to market new movies more than twice effectively as industry standards.

Use data to drive superior user intelligence,
and user intelligence to drive spectacular business growth.

The JustWatch use data to better understand the taste of movie-goers than their competitors, enabling them to provide film fans and studios a highly differentiated service.

The JustWatch proposition

Serving film lovers and movie studios

JustWatch provide people who want to watch films and TV series with a streaming search engine, enabling them to find out where to watch the content that they're going to love. It works with movie studios to help them effectively advertise new movies on channels like Facebook and Youtube. A deep understanding of which users like what films, powered by Snowplow data, drives both services.

“Snowplow provides rich, granular data, that enabled us to build a sophisticated audience intelligence and double the efficiency of trailer advertising campaigns for our clients compared to the industry averages”

Dominik Raute, Co-Founder & CTO

Spectular growth.

Barely two years old, JustWatch has expanded into 23 different countries and built profiles of more than 50 million movie fans around the world. It reached profitability in late 2016, less than two years after launching, and counts Sony, Paramount and Fox amongst its clients.

JustWatch was able to do this because they use Snowplow data to develop superior intelligence on movie fans, and that intelligence to deliver superior advertising campaigns for movie studios: campaigns that drive twice the return on ad spend than industry benchmarks.

JustWatch is growing rapidly in currently 25 countries, adding more than 2 million new user profiles per month

Snowplow Insights Pipeline

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