Green Building Supply case study

How Green Building Supply built an attribution model that helped boost revenue by 137% and increase new customers from ads by 13x


Green Building Supply (GBS) is a US-based building supply company that specializes in providing sustainable, eco-friendly building products to help people create beautiful, healthy homes.

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Key results

  • Revenue increased by 137%
  • Conversion rate grew by 106%
  • 1,400% boost in paid revenue (paid revenue went from 5% of total revenue to 28%)
  • Justified 8x increase in ad spend via Snowplow
  • Increase in new customers acquired through ads by 13x

The challenge

Green Building Supply needed visibility over the impact of their ads and touchpoints on customers sales. However, the nature of their long, complex customer journey, involving ‘micro-conversions’ when customers ordered samples, made it difficult to see how online ads played a role in actual orders. For example, 300 customers might be persuaded by ads to make online purchases with “add to cart” transactions, but they would all only purchase samples, perhaps only generating around 500 USD in revenue. GBS needed a way to identify which sample orders converted into actual orders further down the line, and the impact of their Google Ads in that journey.

The solution

Using Snowplow data, Green Building Supply were able to build an end-to-end attribution model, covering the full customer journey from initial touch, to sample order, to actual purchase. This involved a process of stitching together divergent data sources, including sample-order data, sales data and ad data with their rich, event-level web data. With the attribution model in place, GBS could accurately calculate where revenue was generated and how their ads and channels were performing, enabling them to optimize those channels for success.

“With Snowplow data, we set sales records five months in a row from when we started the ad tests.”

Aaron Hirshberg,
COO, Green Building Supply

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