Gousto case study

How Gousto uses Snowplow data to increase retention and drive growth.


Gousto makes it joyfully simple to enjoy home-cooked dinners by delivering precise ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. Customers can select from 40 weekly recipes and place their order online. Gousto subscribers spend less time shopping and more time enjoying.

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Online retail, subscription service

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Key results

  • With Snowplow, Gousto provides subscribers with a more personalized and convenient shopping experience
  • Improved retention by using Snowplow’s behavioral data to power deep learning models that minimized churn across platforms
  • Optimized return on ad spend across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Ads

The challenge

Gousto was growing rapidly and doubling in size each year. In order to power their advanced analytics and predictive models as well as optimize marketing spend, the data team needed to gain access to their granular, event-level data. On top of that, Gousto struggled to join web and mobile data with other data sources like email, transactional and customer service history to power their deep learning models.

The solution

With Snowplow data, Gousto gained access to their rich, granular and highly structured event data. Gousto now knows how often and what channels customers visit before subscribing, and can optimize their marketing spend accordingly. With Snowplow, Gousto is able to join rich, granular web and mobile app behavior with their email, Zendesk and transactional data. Gousto uses this data to predict churn so it can offer customers the right interventions at the right time.

“Without Snowplow data, a data-driven approach to systematically improving retention would not be possible.”

Dejan Petelin
Head of Data at Gousto

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