Case Study

GetNinjas uses Snowplow to track
every aspect of their customers journey

Understanding each stage of their customer journey
enables them to deliver a brilliant user experience.

Introducing GetNinjas

GetNinjas is a Brazilian platform that connects individuals with professional service providers (“pros”), such as electricians, wedding photographers, plumbers, language teachers, and more. It has 500,000 registered profissionals in 300 active cities across Brazil with more than 2,000,000 serve requests each year.

The challenge

GetNinjas had aggressive
growth ambitions.

They had to deliver an outstanding user experience, both for clients looking for professional service providers, and for the professional service providers themselves. This was essential so that GetNinjas could grow a sustainable community of customers and service providers in each of their cities over time.

They also had to make sure they intelligently spent on digital marketing to maintain the right balance of clients and professional service providers in each city as they used digital spend to drive the number of users in each city up.

The solution.
Better data.

GetNinjas realized that taking control of their data, and having a rich, highly structured data set describing every action that their users took, would provide the foundation for meeting both of their growth challenges.

With Snowplow, it was possible to track, in granular detail, every aspect of their customers journey, throughout the customer's entire lifecycle, across all platforms and channels.

I’m a huge fan of Snowplow!! It’s given us the power and flexibility to collect and analyze data, making smarter product decisions in ways that would be impossible with other tools.

Bernardo Srulzon, CPO, GetNinjas

The results have been phenomenal

GetNinjas used the data to power algorithms that programmatically bid for the right users and the right price, deploying their marketing budget as effectively as possible.

Now they have grown 8.6x as a company, had a 33% lift in conversion rates an 2.2x increase in service requests.

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