How GetNinjas increased conversion rates by 33% with data-driven product development using Snowplow data

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GetNinjas at a glance

GetNinjas is a Brazilian platform that connects individuals with professional service providers (“pros”), such as electricians, photographers and plumbers. It has 500,000 registered professionals in 300 cities and more than 2m service requests each year.

Key results

  • 8.6x

    Topline revenue growth since implementing Snowplow in 2015

  • GetNinjas’ product team created a brilliant user experience across all stages of the user lifecycle.

  • 2.2x

    Service requests through smarter SEM bidding algorithms powered by Snowplow data

“Snowplow has given us the power and flexibility to collect and analyze data, making smarter product decisions in ways that would be impossible with other tools.”

Bernardo Srulzon, Chief Product Officer at GetNinjas

The challenge

GetNinjas had limited insight into user behavior across their platforms and needed access to their underlying data set in order to understand user journeys and segment users to deliver a superior experience. Adding to the challenge was the nature of GetNinjas’ two-sided marketplace, where it was difficult to capture the data needed to understand supply and demand by category and city. This meant GetNinjas’ marketing team was working with limited visibility resulting in low ROI and missed growth opportunities.

The solution

With Snowplow, GetNinjas gained full access and control over their rich, granular and well-structured data. This enabled GetNinjas to remove internal data silos and create a single view of users across platforms (web, mobile, SMS) and channels (email, chat, call center). As a result, GetNinjas was able to continuously improve their user experience through A/B testing and intelligently optimize SEO and SEM spend to drive user growth.

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