How DPG Media uses Snowplow data to slash data costs and boost revenue by optimizing the audience experience in real time


DPG Media at a glance

DPG Media is a leading group of media, entertainment and publishing brands in Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark.

Key results


predicted increase in login rates through real-time personalization


reduced costs associated with data collection


projected increase in advertising revenue over the next few years

“We’re going all in with Snowplow because it allows us to have real-time data… with the entire pipeline from Snowplow to Snowflake, it is usually minutes and not more than that.”

– Wannes Rosier, Data and News Personalization Manager at DPG Media

The challenge

As a market-leading media group, it was crucial for DPG Media to gain a granular view of their audience – their viewing or reading preferences – in real time. In a race for audience attention, DPG lacked a complete, real-time view of their users’ behavior, limiting their ability to optimize the user journey. This meant they risked losing their audience and associated revenue to competitors who could offer a more personalized experience.

The solution

By bringing Snowplow into their data stack, DPG Media was able to capture rich behavior data in real time, allowing them to power content personalization and recommendation models. Snowplow data also helped DPG enhance their online advertising platform, DPG ads, projecting a massive impact on ad revenue expected to rise into the millions of euros in the coming years.

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