Dialogue: Providing personalized virtual healthcare with the help of behavioral data



Dialogue at a glance

Leading Canada’s B2B virtual healthcare industry, Dialogue supports millions of people across more than 25,000 organizations with high-quality, personal medical advice.

Key results

  • With Snowplow BDP, Dialogue captures behavioral data from multiple domains and delivers it in a unified, consolidated format.

  • Snowplow facilitates compliance with strict data privacy regulations around personal information.

  • With flexible tracking, Dialogue can capture the behavioral data it needs to power evolving use cases.

“Data quality is key for us, we can’t compromise on the quality of our data for our team or for our clients. Snowplow has increased the trust in our data across the company.”

– Matthieu Di Mercurio, Director of Data Science at Dialogue

The challenge

With the pandemic accelerating demand for virtual healthcare services, Dialogue needed to ensure that they were providing a seamless user experience. Their product team, however, lacked the behavioral data to make effective product development decisions; cross-domain tracking was limited, and there was a lack of trust in the data that was collected. On top of this, they wanted to ensure that their data collection strategy was future-proofed, guaranteeing compliance with data privacy regulations like PIPEDA and GDPR.

The solution

Having trialed our technology with Try Snowplow, Dialogue worked with us to implement a data-informed culture, thereby ensuring that behavioral data was made accessible to the employees who needed it most. Snowplow’s flexible tracking and schemas meant that Dialogue was able to collect highly-structured behavioral data from multiple domains and deliver it in a single, consolidated format.. By having complete ownership over their behavioral data with Snowplow BDP, Dialogue’s data team has facilitated full compliance with privacy regulations whilst improving their customer experience and providing their product team with invaluable insights.

How Dialogue captured rich, complete, accurate behavioral data cross multiple platforms

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