Attest: Driving accurate consumer insights with granular behavioral data



Attest at a glance

Attest is an innovative customer insights platform which helps organizations make decisions based on high-quality consumer data.

Key results

  • Able to capture behavioral data across different domains, and deliver in a single format

  • Future-proofed data stack, facilitating full compliance with privacy regulations

  • Empowered multiple internal teams to make better decisions with data

“With Try Snowplow, it was all about proving to stakeholders that it was easy for us to do what we wanted with our data, and that tracking from all our domains in a unified way was going to be a game changer for us.”

– Vojtech Petrus, Product Analyst at Attest

The challenge

Before implementing Snowplow, Attest’s internal behavioral data collection was disparate and siloed. Holding data in different locations and formats, the data team was struggling to maximize the value from what it was capturing. And, more importantly, it didn’t have complete trust in it either; key metrics (like signups) varied according to where you looked.

The solution

Having trialled our technology with Try Snowplow (the free, easy-to-install pipeline), Attest decided to integrate our behavioral data platform (BDP) into their data stack. Snowplow now collects, validates and delivers high-quality, granular behavioral data from across Attest’s three domains (website, survey collection platform, and customer dashboard) in order to enable multiple internals teams to make better decisions and support the rapid growth of the business.

Try Snowplow: How Attest trialed our tech

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