How Animoto used event-level data to gain insight into their user journey

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Animoto is a cloud-based, DIY video creation solution that makes it easy to make impressive videos in minutes.

Key results

  • Animoto were able to join together their online, mobile and other data in a single place to gain a new level of user insight

  • Using Snowplow, Animoto built custom, data and multi-touch attribution models tailored specifically to their business needs

  • With a greater understanding of their user journey, Animoto were able to optimize their acquisition funnel

“With Snowplow, we are empowered to make more informed, data-driven decisions that allow us to iterate much faster while gaining a multi-dimensional view of the user experience now and in the future.”

Alex Beskin, Head of Analytics at Animoto

The challenge

Animoto’s data needs were growing and their existing solution, Google Analytics, was too restrictive and lacked the tracking capability to tell Animoto’s full data story. They were also unable to set up universal tracking across their platforms, which made it impossible to see the end-to-end user journey. With the company’s move to freemium and their increased focus on mobile adoption, Animoto needed a solution that would help them to see exactly how their users interacted with their product and enable them to optimize the overall user experience.

The solution

With Snowplow, Animoto could collect complete, accurate, well-structured data across their platforms and devices. This meant they could move away from data silos and unify their data, giving them a much clearer picture of their user journey. Snowplow’s flexibility and the ability to create customized data and attribution models was especially crucial to understanding user behavior and discovering what users were doing both before and after they sign-up to Animoto as customers.

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