Using data to differentiate.

Find out how Snowplow enables Smart People to be transformative with data.

Our customers are diverse.

From publishing companies to retailers, jobs boards to broadcasters, dating sites to mobile-only banking providers, limousine services to consumer goods manufacturers, automotive dealerships to games companies, airports to luxury brands, travel companies to serviced office providers, there are not many sectors without a Snowplow user. We have active and growing communities in London, New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Sao Paolo, Berlin, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Dubai.

Our customers have a lot in common, though. They are smart. They love data. And they want to use data to differentiate.

Our users love data and want to use it to differentiate.

There are many digital analytics solutions out there. Many are easier to use than Snowplow. But none of them give you the control of your data that Snowplow does.

Our users want to be transformative with data. That is why they value that control.

Our users are Smart.

They have to be. Using data to be transformative is hard. Our technology can help you take control of your data. But only smart people in smart teams can use that control to be transformative.


Simply Business

Simply Business use event data to disrupt the business insurance market.

"The Snowplow data set has become part of our core strategic offering."

Stewart Duncan, Director of Data Science

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JustWatch use Snowplow to build a differentiated service for advertising movies, driving spectacular growth.

"Snowplow enabled us to build a sophisticated audience intelligence and double the efficiency of campaigns."

Dominik Raute, Co-Founder & CTO

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Peak uses Snowplow to build award winning games and make people smarter.

"Snowplow is really powerful when you start to hit that growth curve and going upwards."

Thomas in’t Veld, Lead Data Scientist

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Ad Tech


Viewbix uses Snowplow to help brands create highly engaging video ad campaigns and improve return on advertising spend.

"When we can show a customer that 95% of actions taken during a video happen between 0:30 and 0:35 seconds in, we have provided amazing value."

Dani Waxman, Product Manager

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Online Retail


Picnic uses Snowplow to deliver users with a smart, data-driven shopping experience.

“The Snowplow framework has become an important data analytics tool, indispensable in understanding the Picnic app usage and allowing us to focus on the most impactful features”

Dimitar Nedev, Data Infrastructure Lead

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Human Resources


GetNinjas uses Snowplow to track every aspect of their customers journey

"I’m a huge fan of Snowplow! It’s given us the power and flexibility to collect and analyze data, making smarter product decisions in ways that would be impossible with other tools."

Bernardo Srulzon, CPO, GetNinjas

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Snowplow has been a game-changer here at Viadeo, handling 10 million events per day. Today at Viadeo, every single engineer and product manager is able to setup a rich metrics dashboard in a few minutes. Eric Pantera, VP of Engineering