Our Mission

We empower Smart People to differentiate with data.

Our tech gives companies control of their data, so they can use it to drive competitive advantage.

Digital event data is rich, behavioral data.

Today there is very little we don't do on digital platforms. We fall in love on dating services. We wile away our time playing video games. We manage our health through connected devices. We read novels, keep up with the news, order food and book holidays online. We find work through digital platforms and use online services to perform and deliver that work. Digital platforms are integral in the fabric of our everyday lives.

Digital Event Data

We, the data community, have barely scratched the surface of what is possible with that data.

This data is a goldmine. It can be used to answer an impossibly large set of questions. Used right, companies can build a much better understanding of their users. They can identify and seize new opportunities to serve them better. The data possibilities are endless.

Take control of your data. Realize the data possibility.

We empower analysts, engineers, product managers, marketers, operations and other specialists to do transformative things with data.

It is hard to use data to differentiate. It requires both creative and technical excellence: creativity, because every great insight starts with asking a clever question. Technical excellence, because using data to answer questions requires technical know how.

Technology cannot help with the creative piece: for that you need Smart People. But it can help with the technical. We build technology that puts Smart People in control of their data so they can do what they want with it, unconstrained by assumptions about what data they 'should' collect, what questions they 'should' ask, what insight they 'should' build and how they 'should' act on that insight. We empower Smart People to do data differently and be better than the rest.

Snowplow How


Our users own their own data. We never mediate our users access to their own data.


Our users decide what data they want to collect, what questions they want to ask of it, what analytics techniques and technologies they want to use to process it and how they want to act on the insight generated.


We set our users free to do what they want with their data. No vendor lock-in. No assumptions about their business or how they should use their data. The thing limiting our users is their own imaginations.

Meet the Snowplow team

We believe in the transformative potential of digital event data.

Alex Dean co-CEO and co-founder

Alex is a polymath: a keen technologist with a passion for functional programming, cloud-based architectures and big data technologies, he also has a passion for innovation and organizational change. Prior to co-founding Snowplow he'd worked in technology roles at OpenX (where he managed the initial build of the OpenX Market) and in the Business Intelligence department at Deloitte, and in strategy roles at Fathom Partners and Keplar LLP.

Alex has a degree in History from the University of Cambridge

Yali Sassoon co-CEO and co-founder

Yali loves data and analytics, which is just as well because he has been working with data for his entire working life: to improve operations at AP Moeller Maersk and Vestas Wind Systems, to drive strategic decision making for clients at PwC Strategy and Keplar LLP, and both strategic and operational analytics at OpenX Technologies.

Yali's interest in data dates back to his MPhil in the History and Philosophy of Science and a BA in Natural Sciences, both from the University of Cambridge.

Josh Beemster Tech Ops Lead

Josh loves computers. Deeply. A native of Sydney who is now based out of Dijon, France, Josh leads the Tech Ops team, with responsibility for the significant infrastructure at Snowplow - managing the smooth operations of hundreds of individual client data pipelines. Prior to starting at Snowplow Josh worked for the mighty Applicances Online in Sydney.

When Josh isn't building and maintaining infrastructure, he's most likely to be found playing computer games, feeding his rabbit, travelling or snowboarding.

Christophe Bogaert Analytics Lead

Christophe joined Snowplow following internships at Songkick, Google and IBM. A passionate data scientist, Christophe leads the Snowplow Analytics team: working with Snowplow users to help them drive insight from their data and managing analytics-led product development.

Christophe has an MSc in Theoretical Physics from the University of Leuven and an MSc in Management from the London School of Economics. When he isn't working Christophe can often be found in the artic circle or up a mountain: trekking, taking photographs, skiing and dodging bears.

Anton Parkhomenko Data Engineer

Hailing from Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Anton is repsonsible for the design and build of some of the most meaty parts of the Snowplow data pipeline: including a lot of our schema'ing and data enrichment and modeling technology. Anton is an incredibly cerebral developer and is passionate about functional programming.

Ed Lewis Product Engineer

Ed is a software craftsman and an avid open source contributor with a keen interest in emerging technology. Ed worked in a number of different development roles prior to starting at Snowplow, most recently writing software for the aviation industry.

At Snowplow Ed has been repsonsible for building out a range of Snowplow technology including our latest .NET tracker, Factotum and Tupilak. He leads on product development at Snowplow.

Ihor Tomilenko Support Engineer

Ihor was our first Support Engineer, and alongside Leon has been instrumental in developing the Snowplow Support Team into the 24x7 operation it is today, serving our customer base across five continents. Prior to starting at Snowplow Ihor had worked for 9 years across a range of technical support roles for different international companies, most recently at itracks.

Ihor has a Degree in Robotics from the National Technical University of Ukraine and Diploma in Computing from the Open University in the United Kingdom.

Leon Maas Support Engineer

Working closely with Ihor, Leon has been instrumental in developing the Snowplow Support Team in to the 24x7 operation it is today, serving our wide variety of customers spread across the globe. Leon joined Snowplow as our second Support Engineer from Cognizant, where he provided technical support on behalf of Google to users of Google Adwords, Analytics, Tag Manager and Shopping. Prior to that Leon worked in a range of technical and support roles, including at a number of not-for-profit organizations. ()

A Dutchman currently based in Berlin, when Leon is not working, you can, apparently, find him reading, playing chess, jogging or checking out classic cars.

Keane Robinson Data Scientist

After completing an internship at Mixcloud, working as a social campaign manager at Ayima and subsequently growing a number of music festivals as a freelance marketer - Keane joined Snowplow with a well-versed background in digital strategy. At Snowplow Keane has worked to help a range of Snowplow clients get up and running across the media and health and fitness sectors.

Out of work Keane is a DJ and dance music connoisseur - when he isn't working you'll find him recording hunting or listening to said records.

Diogo Pacheco Data Scientist

Diogo has a passion for content and technology. Before joining Snowplow Analytics team, he worked at The Walt Disney Company, Muzicall and Samsung creating insights for the distribution of digital content across different platforms: mobile, Smart TVs and web.

Diogo has a Master on Internet Business from the Instituto Superior para el Desarrollo de Internet in Madrid. When Diogo is not working, you can find him traveling around the world with his other half, going to concerts and thinking about getting an ant farm.

Nicholas Ung Software Engineer, Tech Ops

Nicholas joined Snowplow in late 2016 from IG Group, where he was a developer in the Performance & Reliability Engineering Team. At Snowplow he has been working in Tech Ops alongside Josh to build the infrastructure that takes care of all our infrastructure.

Nicholas has a BSc in Computer Science with Industrial Experience from the Queen Mary University of London. When he's not building stuff, he's practicing his swordsmanship: Nicholas is a keen Kendo practitioner.

Ben Fradet Data Engineer

Ben only joined the Snowplow team in early 2017 and was quick to make his mark, re-writing the open source Snowplow pipeline in Spark and writing new versions of our Javascript tracker and Dataflow Runner. Prior to starting at Snowplow Ben had been working as a Data Engineer for the French Ministère de la Défense. Ben did do an internship for us back in 2014, when he wrote the first version of the Iglu Scala Server.

Ben is passionate about open source, contributing either through the Snowplow codebase or other projects in the functional programming and big data space.

Ben has a Masters in Computer Science with a focus on Machine Learning from the University of Technology of Compiègne in France. When he's not writing code Ben can be found running, surfing and snowboarding.

Dilyan Damyanov Data Scientist

Dilyan joined the Snowplow Analytics team after stints in industries as diverse as business information, media research and the performing arts. A journalist-turned-data-geek, he has a keen passion for investigative, evidence-based problem solving.

Dilyan has an MA in Journalism Leadership from the University of Central Lancashire and a BA in German Studies from Sofia University. In a previous life, he published Ctrl+Alt+Defeat, a magazine for critical thinking and video games. He still spends a lot of time engaging in both.

Colm O'Griobhtha Data Scientist

Colm gave up his successful job in recruitment to pursue his passion for data at Snowplow, joining our team in early 2017. A self-taught Python and R ninja, Colm has been busy working with Christophe to build out the Customer Success Team at Snowplow.

Colm has an MSc in Cognitive Science from the University of Edinburgh and a BA in Philosophy and English from Trinity College, Dublin.

Egor Abramov Support Engineer

Egor is the third member of the Snowplow Support Engineering team, joining in early 2017. Prior to starting at Snowplow Egor was a SAP developer.

Egor has a Master's Degree in Computer Sciences from the Siberian Federal University, Institute of Space and Information Technology.

Rostyslav Zatserkovnyi Data Engineer

Rostyslav joined Snowplow in late 2016, straight out of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, where he hadd been pursuing a degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics. A keen contributor to a range of open source projects, Rostylslav has already made a significant contribution to the development of Sauna, our open source decision and response platform, and our Snowplow Insights product.

Nicki Iodice Office Manager

From providing the complete solution at Apple to detecting and preventing fraud at Firebox, Nicki was one of the first to join Snowplow’s Ops team as an Office Manager in August 2017.

Highly organised, Nicki is responsible for planning company events, delivering a seamless onboarding experience and making sure everything is running smoothly.

Nicki had her fifteen minutes of fame in her younger years when she released a cheesy pop hit about a mythical, fanged creature.

Mike Nemirovsky Snowplow Insights Product Manager

Mike joined Snowplow in July of 2017 as the first official product manager for Snowplow Insights. A digital marketing and analytics veteran, for the past 6 years Mike has served as a senior managing consultant at Webtrends and AT Internet helping companies of all sizes use Web Analytics to drive profitability. Mike joins Snowplow in order to help build a robust user interface on top of the powerful functionality that Snowplow is known for.

Apart from analytics and marketing, Mike was also once upon a time a recording engineer working with artists like Snoop Dogg & Elton John at iconic recording studios in Hollywood and in his spare time continues to create music when not busy embarassing himself on a golf course.

Tim Haines Chief Operating Officer

Tim joined Snowplow in August 2017 having first worked with Snowplow during his previous role as CIO at Gousto. Having spent nearly 4 years building IT systems to enable the future of food retail it was time for a new challenge. Tim loves everything to do with startups a passion he developed at Gousto and couldn’t pass an opportunity to combine his love of data and high growth startups.

Outside of work Tim is a self confessed sailing and cycling obsessive often found floating around the high seas or racing up hills.

Anthony Mandelli Digital Marketing Manager

Anthony joined the team in 2017 as the Digital Marketing Manager, focusing on educating the world about Snowplow Analytics and the importance of being data-driven. Passionate about data science and a compulsive storyteller, he feels right at home with the rest of the Snowplow crew.

Anthony has worked in marketing since the early days of social media, spending time in industries as varied as higher education, eCommerce, SaaS, and blockchain. When he's not behind his desk writing content for the Snowplow blog, you'll find him reading, bowling, or making homemade hot sauce.

Miriam de Medwe Talent Acquisition Manager

Miriam joined Snowplow's Operations Team in 2017 as our Talent Acquisition Manager. Prior to this, she was working for an IT recruitment agency helping multiple high growth startups in London build out their tech teams. She's focusing on growing all areas of Snowplow and making sure everyone has a great experience when interviewing with us.

When she's not busy recruiting, Miriam loves to travel and spent 2 years hopping around the globe on her own. A bit of an adrenaline junkie, Miriam also enjoys skydiving, motorcycling, abseiling, mountain biking and horse riding.