What happened at Snowplow in 2019 – our year wrapped up


Click the video below to hear our CEO wrapping up the year and talking about what lies ahead in 2020.

At Snowplow, we are driven by a collective ambition to empower our users and customers to build the best possible data asset. This year has been pivotal for us as we continue to welcome more customers to Snowplow and strive to deliver more value to our community.

It has been an exciting, challenging year with plenty of learning opportunities. During conversations with our customers, we have learned firsthand about the obstacles facing the modern data team, from dealing with privacy changes such as ITP to ensuring that their data is accurate and complete.

We reached a number of key milestones this year. In 2019 we:

A lot more happens behind the scenes at Snowplow every day, making Snowplow an exciting, dynamic and very busy place. But despite how busy we are, it’s important to take stock of how far we’ve come with the help of our community, so we’d like to take the opportunity to thank our users, customers and partners and all those who have chosen to take us on their analytics journey. Thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm and support this year and beyond.

See you in 2020!