On Snowplow Meetups, conferences, and events in September 2018


At Snowplow Analytics, we want to interact with you, the data community, more. We’ve noticed that when our users can hear from us and from other users, it generally benefits them greatly. There are also some questions and concepts that don’t translate easily to an email, a forum post, or a message on social media, and for people thinking about making the switch to the Snowplow platform, being able to listen to a talk and then have a conversation after is very powerful. So, with all of that in mind, we are making a concentrated effort to be more accessible to the data community, Snowplow users and potential users alike.

We also feel very passionately about how to do analytics right, and we stand behind the methodology of how the Snowplow pipeline functions. We have very strong opinions about the importance of data collection, the value of event-level data, and what kind of pipeline makes sense for handling this kind of data; these opinions are sometimes controversial but always spark great conversation, the kind of conversations we think people in the data community are interested in having.

Snowplow is confusing and complicated, but it’s worth the effort. Our software is challenging not as a result of trying to artificially make our technology seem more sophisticated than it is, but because we believe that we’re truly getting analytics right, and that’s worthwhile despite the difficulty. People who start using our platform tend to agree and want to share the cool things they’ve been able to accomplish once they have the Snowplow platform up and running.

What does all of this look like?

Expanding Snowplow Meetups

Snowplow Meetup Helsinki

We’ll be reviving the official Snowplow Analytics Meetups in cities across the globe.

Our Meetups will be undergoing a facelift. We want them to not only bring our audience the highest quality speakers discussing cutting edge technology, but we also want these events to be valuable to members of the community. You should leave a Snowplow Meetup with a clear picture of something worthwhile you can do with Snowplow, but also expand your knowledge of what’s possible in the world of digital analytics.

We aim to turn these events into a valuable resource, building communities that support and engage with each other, and we will be investing the necessary resources from Snowplow Analytics to build that kind of event equity.

Do you want to…
…talk at a Snowplow Meetup?
…help organize a Snowplow Meetup in your city?
…get someone from Snowplow to speak at your Meetup?
…promote your data Meetup to Snowplow Meetup member?

Then give us a shout and we’ll make it happen! Our team members will be actively looking for other Meetup events in the data, analytics, data engineering, and other related spaces that we can attend, speak at, or sponsor. We want to engage with the community at large to spread some of the lessons we’ve learned, whether that’s ways to configure your AWS account to minimize costs, or best practices around ascribing marketing attribution for mobile games. It’s about lifting up the entire data and analytics industries.


Measurecamp London

What has become one of the world’s premiere digital analytics events, Measurecamp has expanded to have events in 22 cities around the globe. Snowplow Analytics has always been closely tied to Measurecamp, and we will continue to support events around the world through sponsorships, attendance, and participation.

More face to face time with Snowplow users

Snowplow Analytic’s internal, user-facing teams are expanding, with more data scientists, data engineers, and customer success analysts joining us to make sure our users have a good experience.

We want to meet with users of both Snowplow Insights and Snowplow Open Source to learn more about what you use Snowplow to do, how it helps your business, and how we can help you get more out of working with us, either in the form of advice on best practices or by bringing feedback back to our engineers to improve our platform.

Follow us on social media for announcements when we’ll be in your city or area – you’ll see more of the Snowplow team traveling and looking to talk data around the world.

Meet the Snowplow team this September


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