Insights from the first Snowplow meetup in Brazil


This is a guest blog post by Bernardo Srulzon, Business Intelligence lead at GetNinjas and a Snowplow enthusiast since 2015. In this post, Bernardo shares his insights from our first Snowplow meetup in São Paulo, which took place on April 19th. Many thanks to Bernardo for sharing his thoughts with this post and to Getninjas for hosting our meetup! If you have a story to share, feel free to get in touch.

It was a huge pleasure to host the first Brazilian meetup at the GetNinjas office in São Paulo! We’ve been Snowplow users for the past two years, and it completely changed the way we use data to make product decisions. The community grew, and we finally had critical mass for the first meetup last week, when 55 snowplowers joined us to discuss product analytics!


The evening started with networking – we had participants from very interesting startups, with different data and product challenges. Then, we gathered for three presentations:

  1. Alex Dean, presenting Snowplow and its roadmap
  2. Bernardo Srulzon, presenting the GetNinjas case
  3. Murilo Capanema, presenting the Creditas case

Alex explained what motivated them to launch Snowplow, the benefits of owning your data pipeline and the product roadmap.

Snowplow meetup São Paulo #1 – Intro to Snowplow from Snowplow Analytics

I talked about how the data team, data infrastructure and data mindset evolved in GetNinjas. We use data to answer complex business problems, and found in Snowplow a strong ally in providing accurate, highly segmentable data to drive product decisions. It started as a web analytics tool, and gradually evolved to become a data warehouse with events from 10+ different sources, powering a team of 10 analysts with 2 algorithms.

[GetNinjas] Snowplow Meetup #1 from bernardosrulzon

Murilo explained what motivated them to switch from an internal tracking tool to Snowplow. He addressed the issues around migrating data from production databases into Redshift, and presented the data infrastructure they’re building to solve it.

Creditas presentation for Snowplow Sao Paulo meetup #1 from Snowplow Analytics

You can see a video of the meetup here:

Then, we all gathered upstairs for some pizza & beer 🙂 The conversation and networking continued until midnight – a huge success for our first Meetup!