Sigfig and Weebly talk at second Snowplow Meetup San Francisco


Last night we were delighted to host our second Snowplow Meetup San Francisco, at the lovely Looker offices.

The event kicked off with a talk from Sigfig’s Benny Wijatno and Jenna Lemonias. Benny and Jenna gave an overview of Sigfig, before exploring how they use Snowplow to answer a wide variety of questions related to customer acquisition.

Snowplow at Sigfig

Weebly’s Audrey Carstensen and Bo Han followed up with an overview of how Snowplow is deployed at Weebly, before diving into a tonne of detail on how Weebly build funnel analyses in Looker on top of their Snowplow data.

How Weebly use Looker and Snowplow to do funnel analysis

Lastly, I gave a talk on how event data pipelines need to evolve with businesses as they evolve, and how self-describing data and event data modeling are the key ingredients that ensure that the Snowplow pipelines can evolve gracefully over time.

Snowplow: evolve your analytics stack with your business

Huge thank you to Keenan, Erin and the Looker team for hosting us at their fabulous San Francisco office, not to mention making sure we were all well fed and had plenty to drink. Big thanks to Benny, Jenna, Bo and Audrey for delivering such great talks. And lastly – thank you to everyone who attended. It was brilliant to see such a strong turnout and the conversations around the talks were awesome. We look forward to returning for a third meetup soon! (And if you’d like to speak do get in touch.)